Radical Gratitude

You never know who or what is going to inspire you. Last night I went to my friend Rebecca Massoud’s event called “Feminine Money Magic” and WOW! I was so proud of her and swept away with her many nuggets of wisdom.

She presented the idea of Radical Gratitude and wham, it woke me up! It flooded my awareness with what I know to be true about the connection between gratitude, love, desire and the universe.

I invite you to practice Radical Gratitude with me. Can you welcome and embrace EVERY event, emotion, thought, person, experience and circumstance with absolute gratitude? Can you feel your desire for the object you wish to manifest and thank the universe for bringing it to you right now?

Watch this VIDEO for more ways you can practice Radical Gratitude and become it.

I really believe that Radical gratitude is the secret sauce to happiness, joy, abundance and manifesting ALL of your desires.

Share your Radical Gratitude below! And keep us up to date on what magic you create!


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