Words That Transform Your Life

I first came to understand the power our words have a few years ago when I realized I have a gift for hearing whether a person is speaking from their ego OR from their true self. Usually the words of the ego and true self are all jumbled into the same sentence so over time I learned to recognize the specific words the ego uses so that I could guide people to shift into their power by shifting their words.

For example, whenever you hear yourself say the word “but” change it to “and” even if nothing follows but a pregnant pause. By simply changing this one word you will open up unseen power and possibility but it takes awareness and practice.

You’re about to learn 2 more really simple shifts you can make right now with the way you speak and the words you choose that can dramatically change how you feel, what and who you attract whether or people understand you and what you manifest.

Share the changes you see when you put this powerful tip to work for you!

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  1. shanelle
    shanelle says:

    It so does matter the words we choose to use. Thanks for the reminder…I shall start to practice, practice and practice once again. Love your self-help tips!


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