2020 The Super New Year

It’s almost here!

A new year, a new decade, and a new age all wrapped up into a well anticipated and auspicious event for sure.

But know this, what makes this year and every year all that it can be is what you bring to it.

Think of yourself as a meaningful object that you are intentionally offering as a blessing for a prosperous new year.

Feel into this new year, decade and age dawning as a sacred event and create a ceremony that honors you and every part of your journey that has brought you to this time in your life.

I’ve always said that all roads not only lead to Rome but that all paths lead to your destiny, the place where you exalt in your feminine mastery as the woman you were born to be.

If ever there was a year for you to reach this pinnacle of purpose and prosperity, it is this year!

Open your heart and give all of yourself to it with nothing held back.

The time is right, the potency is ripe and the future is a fertile garden for you to plant the seeds of your deepest desires and wildest dreams.

Personally, I’ve been dwelling in a sweet cocoon of rest and regeneration.

My extreme relaxed state has allowed sporadic moments of my life wash over me, each like a unique snowflake falling through my awareness then melting into a blanket of snow.

I rejoice in and love each memory blessing myself and my life with profound gratitude.

Every life is a beautifully exquisite creation that is forever unfolding.

May you be cleansed, purified and emptied completely so that this new super year can fill you with overflowing and unimaginable decadence of the most delicious moments possible.

Let it be magic.

PS: If your heart is telling you that you are meant to discover your destiny and expand exponentially in 2020, I would love the honor of exploring your calling with you. The first step is to fill out the Exalted Mentoring Application HERE and then secondly, we’ll send you a link to schedule your time with me. Trust your heart, it’s all here for you and closer than you think.

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