How to Create 2020 as a Magical Year [Journal Exercise]

I can’t help myself!

I’ve seen so much coming through on how to set goals, why resolutions don’t work and even one message from a woman saying doing nothing is your best bet.

Even though this week was suppose to be a break for me, receiving what I feel is misguided information coupled with my excitement for this new year has pulled me back here, to you so that I can give you a taste of what I know is essential to you riding the momentous wave of possibility forming right now for the year ahead.

First, just a quick personal share and some back story on me before I give you a fun journal exercise you can do this weekend and begin to create an absolutely fabulous and magical year.

I’ve never been good at taking breaks, even summer vacation as a girl got old after the first few weeks.

But last November my guidance told me to slow down so I did to the point of feeling “lazy”. I even began to shop at Lazy Acres (???? LOL), a local market that I know love to meander through and has me healthily addicted to their “Detox Green Juice”.

The miracle that happened from listening to this guidance and giving my self this lazy break from “doing” is the “space” I needed to receive the download for a book I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time.

And it worked!

The book is coming through in a way that is like being inside of it with imagery, scenes, characters and unexpected twists and turns. Any fear or hesitation I once felt is now gone, leaving me with the feeling and knowing that the book is already written.

Here’s what I want you to know so that you can stay clear of what would otherwise have you miss out on the magic that is possible, now.

* Linear methods like goal setting create linear results at best.

** Setting resolutions kicks in resistance more than motivation.

*** Doing nothing without intention is a diversion.

What I also want you to know is that the best way to make this year magical and full of miracles and manifest is to – Create it.

How do I know this is true?

Because I am a master at creating and know without a doubt that you can be too!

My Feminine Mastery Archetype is the Honeybee.

As a result, some of my natural-born gifts are a creator’s mind, imagination, passion for creating something from nothing and a channel that allows me to download unique ideas, guidance and soul blueprints for myself and for my clients as well.

These gifts presented early on when, at age 19, I noticed that what I would write down in my journal would then happen, like magic. I also received messages such as what companies would grow and become giants, Microsoft was one of them and a few years later I then met the man who gave “Microsoft Windows” its name.

Years later I set my creator’s mind on discovering my purpose. Soon after, I met the late Louise Hay and Debbie Ford in private settings, at social gatherings where we engaged in conversations that led me where I am today.

Coincidence? Hardly.

It was creating and in turn, manifesting exciting points of my destiny.

, you too are a natural creator and the way you can access this innate yet dormant superpower is through the Honeybee Archetype, and by adopting a creator’s mindset with practices that lead to mastery.

Here is just one Honeybee practice. It’s a fun journaling exercise that will awaken your Honeybee creator and begin to create the blueprint for what can be your most exciting and magical year ever.

Step 1: Buy a brand new journal. Seek one that inspires you and that you love to write in! I either pick one with symbols or words that call to me or a basic black Moleskin with no lines. Let yourself be drawn to the journal that vibrates and resonates.

Step 2: Open your space to create. I like to imagine my mind opening up to the universe and the infinite possibilities of ideas, resources, events, and synchronicities. I intentionally make this connection and then feel the space of creation itself opening my channel to receive all I need to make my wildest dreams come true – or – to create what I am intending to create, like my next book.

Step 3: Frame the year with a theme. Imagine you are writing a chapter in a novel featuring you as the heroine. A theme helps you create a context or frame that calls in the energy and allows the events of the year ahead to fill in. Examples of themes are single words like Ecstasy, Liberation, Fortune (that’s mine), Intrigue, Miracles…or Phrases like Make it Real (this one worked miracles for a client), Time for Destiny, True Love is Here or The Impossible Dream Made Possible. Have fun with this!

Step 4: Connect with your natural creator and desired creation. Close your eyes and lean in, breathing deeper and with each breath seeing and feeling yourself being teleported to a place in your future, eventually landing in a scene of the year ahead. Where are you? What are you wearing? Who are you with? What’s happening? Receive it and absorb it even if it’s outlandish or subtle. Feel it, see it and experience it.

Step 5: Create your year by capturing the scene and flowing with it. Begin with the words “I am…” and write/capture this scene in detail, in your journal. Then flow with it and write more and more about you (the heroine) and what you are experiencing in the scene. Then flow beyond the scene weaving in your desires and dreams, listen for messages, letting more scenes present while capturing everything as it flows into your awareness, even if you don’t know what it means or how it relates to what you want. Stay present in the moment – dwell in the space of creation – let it be exciting, dramatic, intriguing, surprising, unimaginable, fun and exhilarating!

This is just a taste of the Honeybee for now so that you can begin to create a magical year.

I’ll be sending you more soon!

PS: If your heart is telling you that you are meant to discover your destiny and expand exponentially in 2020, I would love the honor of exploring your calling with you. The first step is to fill out the Exalted Mentoring Application HERE and then secondly, we’ll send you a link to schedule your time with me. Trust your heart, it’s all here for you and closer than you think.

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