True Feminine Worth & Wealth

Hello amazing!

Every woman deserves to know her true feminine worth and when you do, everything changes in an exalted and lasting way.

I want to show you how to create feminine wealth but to do that, we need to start with money; what it is and how it works.

If you’ve been listening to the law of attraction and money mindset experts, they talk about money being “energy”.

I believe that’s true but money is more than that.

Money is a co-creative partner. It’s a source and resource that is meant to be your partner in creating the life you most want to live.

Money is here to fulfill your desires, to manifest your dreams and for women with a calling – Money is your financial backer for fulfilling your destiny as the woman you were born to be.

Why then, is money an issue for so many women? And why does it trigger you, bring up such heavy emotions and have you question your worth?

False programming that’s why.

And as women who are deeply caring, sensitive and dedicated we’ve bought into it.

Money is not a puzzle piece or something to figure out how to make.

In fact, if you aren’t totally turned on by money, how you earn it and where it is flowing – it won’t come to you; it can’t because it wants to be a part of your joy, not your sorrow and struggle.

For example, if you desire to make more money but you also think or feel (on any level) that it will be more work or take even more time away from you, your life and your joy – it won’t come.

If you set a price for your services and you aren’t excited about the amount of work or type of work you are doing for that amount of money,  then money won’t come or will only trickle in.

It’s time to shift this!

Money is a source of “Creation” and that’s why it takes your “Creator” self or your Honeybee to truly vibrate with and transform your experience with money in a lasting way.

Feminine Worth and Wealth is more than a money mindset shift, it requires a complete re-wiring of how money lives inside of you, how it serves you and how you feel about every aspect of it.

Money is right there waiting to come in but you have to have the place, vibe and relationship to attract it, grow it and allow it to make your life an exalted experience.

And, money responds to high frequency and vibration such as lightness, joy, ecstasy, bliss and you being in an “Exalted” state.

Being Exalted is the key to Feminine Worth and Wealth!

Because I know the Honeybee is a key activator of your Feminine Worth and the Archetype that can show you how to be a money manifestor, I’ve added a new gift to the  Feminine Mastery Gift library!

“The Feminine Worth and Wealth Bundle”

Download it by Joining the Feminine Mastery Gift Library HERE.

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The Feminine Worth and Wealth Bundle includes: 1) A Honeybee Worth and Wealth Lesson from my Embodied Program 2) The Honeybee Activation and 3) A Guided Visualization that will shift you from money struggle to receiving opulent wealth!

I’m talking about this topic in more detail Monday, February 3rd in an interview with Shannon Trans, the host of Master Your Money Mindset where I’ll be revealing “The 3 Keys to Embody Your Feminine Worth and Live an Exalted Life” (scroll down to join us or learn more).

Let’s shift our Feminine Worth and Wealth together!

❤️ Cyndie

PS: want to get clear on your money blocks and simple ways you can shift into loving money, earning it with ease and receiving it abundantly so you can live a totally exalted life every day?

Submit your Exalted Mentoring Application and then we’ll schedule your private time with me. It’s so much easier and so much more fun than you think! Let’s do this for you!

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