Unleash your Dark Side for more power, attraction and adventure

Do you ever feel there’s a wild goddess within you wanting to come out? Or contrarily, do you ever feel repressed, numb or disconnected? What’s so incredibly clear to me in this moment is that we all have a dark, mysterious, adventurous side of ourselves that has not yet been unleashed. We’ve learned to tame … Read more

The Secret Sauce to Feminine Success

A woman’s self-worth is essential to her success and personal fulfillment. Usually when I ask a woman if she thinks she is successful, she answers with a whole list of things she needs to do “in order to become successful” or she compares herself to “other successful women” or even more sadly she shares her … Read more

Your Secret Power of Allowing

You know when you get those a-HA! moments and you just have to share? That’s how this lesson on Your Secret Power of Allowing came from my guidance, to me and now to you. If you follow the Law of Attraction or have been a part of the work I do Feminine Mastery, you’ve heard … Read more

Dwell in Possibilty

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how powerful you really are when you get hooked into noticing what’s not happening instead of dwelling in pure possibility and your desire. “Dwell in possibility” originated by Emily Dickinson and then became one of Oprah’s favorite quotes. I’ve taken this quote and turned it into a power practice for … Read more